Versatile drums synthesizer



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MyDrums is a box of beats for your PC that'll let you add a new touch to your music compositions.

You will have a versatile synthesizer that will be able to create beats with all the basic percussion instruments added to your favorite samples. MyDrums uses a combination of samples and analogue synthesized sounds with which you'll be able to get hundreds of mutations from a single instrument.

MyDrums also has a very intuitive sequencer with which you'll be able to see the instruments you are using in each step. It’s great for composing patterns quickly and easily, or for trying out new beats when you don’t have your real drums with you. If you prefer, you can control MyDrums with MIDI; and it also comes with a reverb-effects block that can be configured to give your songs the feeling of space and realism they need.

You cannot save or record songs.

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